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…The unfortunate truth of owning and running a business.

Running a business is really rewarding but really hard work. What they don't tell you is that it can cause severe stress and anxiety, and can drain you mentally to the point of depression in even the most laid-back people.

People will talk about you, compare you to others, use you, they may not be kind, not respond to you, they will view you as a service and not a person anymore.

You start to worry about disappointing people, people saying unkind things about you, people jumping to conclusions without talking to you…sadly in reality you just can't help everyone and not every dog fits in your boarding setting. A dog and the human need to fit in and not bring you upset or stress or it just doesn’t work.

Starting up and running a successful business puts incredible strain on personal lives and relationships, many of which fail because there is just often no work-life balance. You need to be the director, the worker, the admin, the marketing team, the accountant, the cleaner, the cook, the gardener, all while being a wife, family support, friend etc

There's a reason you don't see many people succeed in small businesses after 5-10 years. If they are successful they are overwhelmed. It takes a toll. It's freaking exhausting.

Here's a small reminder that we are just normal people with hectic lives. Be kind, be patient, support small businesses, book when you can,... and hopefully more of us will stick around doing what we love. And know that 2022 prices are not 2023 prices and might not be 2024 prices but we all do our best to keep them down or the same price as much as possible but sadly our cost of living goes up the same way as yours.

Please support small business so we can be around in the years to come.

I appreciate every single booking I get and thank all my repeat boarding clients. I would not be still running if it wasn’t for you guys. 🙏🏻 I am so grateful for all the gifts, cards and referrals, mentions on social media and kind reviews anyone gives me which helps me realise I’ve done the best I can for each pup and human. Those small gestures show me you treat me like a person and not just a service and makes me feel so appreciated and that it was worth all of my time and effort starting my dachshund hotel and most of all…keeping it open 😊 ❤️

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