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The Do's & Dont's


We regret we CANNOT accept:

- Females in season (please read our policy page)

- Titre tested pups  

- Males un-neutered over 12 months unless chemically castrated (see policy page)

- Please note- IVDD male dogs who are un-neutered and over 12 months are looked at on a case by case basis, we reserve the right not to accept your pup if they display unwanted behaviours

- Sausage dogs over 9kg as unfortuntely I am unable to lift them in any emergency situation 

- Pups that are overly boisterous- due to having IVDD dogs here we have to be very careful

- Pups that have possessive issues with toys/beds/food

We DO accept:

- Pups from 6 months that have had all their first initial vaccinations including Kennel Cough. 

- Males un-neutered under 12 months

- Males that have been chemically castrated (implant in at least 8 weeks) Please read policy page

- Dogs that have had up to date yearly vaccinations and must have a kennel cough vaccination (please read number 3&4 of my T&Cs-important!) 

- All sausages that are basic trained with basic manners in the home

-Excellent on walks, if your pup does excessive lunging/barking unfortunately this is too dangerous for a group walk but they can be at home with a human

- Dogs that have had surgery, suffer with IVDD or have any long term medical conditions

- Older, shy, nervous and anxious pups


We recommend Sharon at for any behaviour issues

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