Due to the fact our Director, Millie Moo has IVDD we are limited to the types of sausages we can take on. We typically take the mini pups that are shy, nervous, quiet, anxious, older, IVDD/medical issues or pups that get on with his/her own thing. Sadly we cannot accept dogs that are too big and overly playful due to Millie's back issues. This is not to say we wouldn't accept your pup, we do have playful dogs but they have been owner trained to have time out or to stop when told. Please read the below and if all is good, we would be happy to meet you.

The Do's & Dont's

We regret we CANNOT accept:


- Dogs that are less than 6 month's old.

- Dogs that are overly playful and too boisterous.

- Aggressive/possessive behaviour towards humans.

- Dogs that are not well behaved on a walk.

- Titre Tested dogs. 

- Females in season  

- Entire males (unneutered) 

(Possibly considered if well behaved & no other males or unspayed females are boarding at the time you require boarding also must wear a belly band) 

- Dogs that are not fully toilet trained.

- Dogs that havent been trained to sleep in their own bed or crate.

- IVDD dogs that require assisted toileting.

We recommend Sharon at www.perfectlypolitedachshunds.com for any behaviour issues

We DO accept:

- Dogs that have had up to date yearly vaccinations and kennel cough vaccination 

- All sausages that are basic trained, as behaved as can be and great on walks.

- Dogs that have had surgery, suffer with IVDD or have any long term medical conditions.

- Dogs that need to continue physiotherapy or hydrotherapy at a centre (see IVDD page). 

- Dogs need to be trained to wear a harness on walks on a short lead (not extendable).



25-28 Feb 2022 (my holiday)

02- 17 Mar (fully booked) 

24 Mar- 01 Apr 2022 (my holiday)

15 Apr - 03 May 2022 (fully booked)

14-21 May 2022 (my holiday)

01-07 July 2022 (fully booked)

08-18 Sept 2022 (my holiday)