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The Do's & Dont's


We regret we CANNOT accept:

- Females in season 

- Titre tested pups  

- Males un-neutered over 12 months. Please note- IVDD male dogs who are un-neutered are looked at on a case by case basis

- Pups who are less than 3 months out of IVDD surgery

- Sausage dogs over 9kg I am unable to lift them in any emergency situation 

- Pups that are overly boisterous due to having IVDD dogs here 

- Pups that have possessive issues with toys/beds/food

- Pups that lunge/bark on a walk (we can have them remain at home whilst we walk other pups)

We DO accept:

- Chilled pups from 6 months 

- Males un-neutered under 12 months

- Males that have been chemically castrated  

- Dogs that have had surgery, suffer with IVDD or have any long term medical conditions

- Older, shy, nervous and anxious pups


We recommend Sharon at for any behaviour issues



Please note dates can change so do always enquire!


My Own Holiday 2024

Feb: 23-27 

March: 8-11 

April: 27-28 

May: 31 

June: 01-07 

July: 03-16

Sept: 07-14

Oct: 18-21

Nov: 16-23

Dec: 07-08

Dates we are full/limited space:

March: 22-26 full

April: limited spaces left 6-23

May: 23-27 1 space left

June: 14-21 full, 22-26 1 space left

July: 27-29 1 space left

Aug: 1-10 2 spaces left, 13-26 Full 

Dec: 23-1st Jan limited spaces to existing clients

If I am unable to help you on a preferred date please do let me know so I can assist and refer you to another reptuable dachshund boarder. We do not personally recommend using any 'sleep over' sites but please make sure any boarder you use is able to show you their licence, has insurance and follows a test process before any stay. Please do not compromise on your pups welfare.

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