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Rainbow Pups
Never Forgotton



16 year old little Mikey is now flying high at Rainbow Bridge. He was our eldest client a little longhaired who was so gental and such a little sweet boy. He was quiet and just got on with his own thing and loved a snuggle under a blanket and a cuddle. We took him for walks in the buggy next to Millie Moo and the pair hit it off enjoying the fresh air. We will miss you little man, gone but never forgotton xx


6 year old little Gizmo is now flying high at Rainbow Bridge. Sadly he sufferd from IVDD and it became too much to put him through the trama again which a lot of us can relate to. When he first came to the hotel he was so anxious but he bult up his time and we loved having him to stay, he was such a little cuddle monster. His mummy kindly donated all his amazing treat puzzels to the hotel so we can continue to remember him everytime we use one. Fly high little man, forever missed and never forgotton xx

The Charities We Support

Dedicated To Dachshunds with IVDD 


How We Help

We donate to D2D with IVDD with every booking you make. You are helping pups with IVDD and making a difference - Thank you! 


Dachshund Rescue UK 

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