IVDD- What Can You Expect?

​Here at the Long Dog Hotel we like to pay special attention to pups who have been through the unfortunate experience of IVDD/back surgery or any surgery as our very own Millie Moo has been through this three times, so we know how stressful and heart breaking this is. Millie Moo is very delicate and will continue to be for the rest of her life and knowing what we know, we would only want to leave our pup with someone who knows the signs and dangers of IVDD and to keep things happy and active.

How will you care for my pup?

At The Long Dog Hotel we do not allow dogs to jump on or off any items of furniture, we also have baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and a ramp for our back garden so there is no climbing stairs.  Whilst out on walks, we are aware that as our pups get older or after surgery, they become a bit more stiff and a little less likely to walk too far. For this reason we have dog bags (as modelled by Mille Moo in the pictures below) and a buggy from the IVDD charity (Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD) which is for the pups who need a bit of a rest but want some mental stimulation so we can go for long peaceful walks. 

My pup had IVDD but has recovered. Do the IVDD charges still apply?

Yes. Depending on what level your pup has recovered, the price is £40-£50 per night. Due to the nature of IVDD dogs/dogs with walking problems and the extra care needed, there is an increase in costs. but it means you can feel your pup is in safe hands whilst you are away. We want your dog to be in a less stressful environment and have an enjoyable holiday. 

My pup has had surgery can they stay?

Absolutely! We are extremely happy to accept pups who have had any surgery or have any long term medical issues. We will only take a limited about of dogs the week/day your special doggy comes to visit. It gives you piece of mind that we can give your baby more attention. 

My pup does physio/hydro every week, can they continue?

Yes we definately can. We would need to check availability the week your pup comes to stay and then we can take your pup to James at Beacroft Referrals (www.beacroftreferrals.co.uk) in Basingstoke to keep up their physiotherapy or hydrotherapy sessions during their stay. The charge is £50 per session and will just be added to your invoice from us.

ivdd op.JPG