IVDD- What Can You Expect?

​Here at the Long Dog Hotel we like to pay special attention to pups who have been through the unfortunate experience of IVDD/back surgery or any surgery as our very own Millie Moo has been through this three times, so we know how stressful and heart breaking this is. Millie Moo is very delicate and will continue to be for the rest of her life and knowing what we know with 6 year plus experience of IVDD, we would only want to leave our pup with someone who knows the signs and dangers of IVDD and to keep things happy and active but understand IVDD can happen on anyones watch.

How will you care for my pup?

We have baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and a ramp for our back garden so there is no climbing stairs.  Whilst out on walks, we are aware that as our pups get older or after surgery, they become a bit more stiff and a little less likely to walk too far. For this reason we have dog bags and a buggy from the IVDD charity (Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD) which is for the pups who want some mental stimulation so we can go for longer walks. We also have a restricted pen area for the pups that can't walk yet or have recently had surgery and require rest whilst staying.

My pup had IVDD/twinge/medical issue but has recovered. Do the IVDD/medical charges still apply?

Yes. Depending on what level your pup has recovered (must be able to walk or bounce or use wheels). Due to the nature of IVDD dogs/dogs with walking, medical problems, drugs that may need to be administered, the extra care needed and risks of potential medical/vet treatment, there is an increase in costs, but it means you can feel your pup is in safe hands whilst you are away. This service is POA as we will need to meet your pup and assess his/her needs for their stay here.

My pup does physio/hydro every week, can they continue?

Sadly we cannot do hydro/physio at home as the dogs are generally too distracted. If your pup is unable to walk far and gets a little stiff, we can walk them in our buggy but also offer lots of cuddles, a warm hot water bottle and a gentle massage to ease any uncomfortable stiffness away. 

IVDD risks/Injury/Illness

Intervertebral Disc Disease is a gradual, age-related, degenerative process that affects the spinal cord of the dog over a period of time. IVDD occurs when the shock absorbing discs between your dog's vertebrae gradually begin to harden until they are no longer able to cushion the vertebrae normally. Whilst every possible care is taken to ensure your pup is well looked after here at the hotel, it is entirely possible that they could have an injury, illness or IVDD episode whilst they are here or when they return to you. Through no fault of anyone's, sadly the rupturing process can happen over a period of weeks or in a moment and this can be undetectable. A dog that appears healthy and happy one minute can suddenly present odd symptoms and signs of pain. This means you agree to take the risk of leaving your pup but understand the risks associated with IVDD. We recommend you research IVDD before agreeing to leave your pup and that you have insurance or savings that would cover any IVDD operation. 

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