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IVDD- What Can You Expect?

​Here at the Long Dog Hotel we like to pay special attention to pups who have been through the unfortunate experience of IVDD/back surgery or any surgery as our very own Millie Moo has been through this four times and Dolly once so we know how stressful and heart breaking this is. Millie Moo and Dolly are very delicate and will continue to be for the rest of their life and knowing what we know with 7 year plus experience of IVDD, we would only want to leave our pup with someone who knows the signs and dangers of IVDD and to keep things happy and active but understand IVDD can happen on anyones watch. Please visit for any equipment needed.

How will you care for my pup?

We have baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and a full ramp for our back garden so there is no going up and down any steps. Our front garden has no steps to get out of the front door. All pups can walk around the house downstairs and there are no steps, we can have rubber yoga style mats out on the flooring for walking on. Whilst out on walks, we are aware that as our pups get older or after surgery, they become a bit more stiff and a little less likely to walk too far. For this reason we have a buggy from the IVDD charity (Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD) which is for the pups who want some mental stimulation so we can go for longer walks. We also have restricted pen areas for the pups that can't fully walk yet, perhaps had an IVDD twinge or have recently had surgery (4/6 months) and require a safe rest whilst staying. You will be shown the house set up during a virtual meet to ease any anxiety. We want to stress that we are not a rehabilitation centre, we merely provide quiet holiday accommodation for dogs who have been through IVDD and have or are recovering. Please see our 'what to expect' tab at the top to find out what we get up to daily. 

My pup had IVDD/twinge/medical issue in the past but has recovered/nothing came of it. Do the IVDD/medical charges still apply?

Yes, and you must be honest about any medical issues your pup has suffered in their life. Depending on what level your pup has recovered, the prices for IVDD/medical start at £45. Due to the nature of IVDD dogs/dogs with walking issues, any medical problems, perhaps drugs that may need to be administered, the extra care to keep an eye on an IVDD/medical pup needed and risks of potential medical/vet treatment we may have to deal with, there is an increase in costs, but it means you can feel your pup is in safe hands whilst you are away. Depending on IVDD level, this service may be POA as we will need to meet your pup and assess his/her needs for their stay here if they have not long come out of surgery. 


What if my dog is on medication?

If your pup is on ANY prescribed or non prescribed medication, creams, sprays, shampoo etc we will ensure he/she sticks to their regular routine, this is an extra cost of £5 per day. If it is intermittent we will only charge for half of your holiday. The charge does not apply for giving supplements to food. 

My pup is on wheels but can/cant go to the toilet by his/her self, can you board my pup?

Yes absolutely, all we ask is that you provide any wee pads, belly bands and/or suitable clothing for your pup to be comfortable in and that they are trained to sleep in a crate or pen area at night. We have minimal experience expressing pups but are very willing to adhere to your routine based on how many times a day you advise you do this.    

My pup does physio/hydro every week, can they continue?

Sadly we cannot offer hydro. For physio, we can only offer a limited amount of time once a day due to caring for other pups at the hotel, you would need to provide an exercise sheet from your physio. We can offer lots of cuddles, a warm hot water bottle and a gentle massage to ease any uncomfortable stiffness away.


What if my pup suffers an injury/Illness/IVDD espiode at the hotel?

We insist our client's sign our Vet Release Form which advises how you wish us to deal with your pup in the event of any injury/illness/IVDD. Should anything occur whilst you are away, you have the option of a one of fee off £100 at the time of any event if you wish us to deal with taking your pup to a vet or a referral hospital to cover the cost of having someone look after our other boarders, otherwise your emergency contact can collect at no cost and deal with your pups emergency. You can make your choice on your form. We cannot be held responsible for any injury/illness/death/IVDD episode unless deemend wholly negligent. Please read the T&Cs page.

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