What Can You Expect?



What will my dog be up to?

As all us dachshund owners know, our pups can be stubborn when it comes to bad weather, but every effort will be made to get them ickle legs moving and walks will be on offer! If we can’t get out, we can play with our toys and puzzles inside. We also have the TV and radio on during the day to sooth  anxiety away and cuddles are on offer 24/7 as well as comfy beds and warm blankets. We have a large vechile fitted with secure dog seatbelts and full business insurance to take the pups different places. As this is a home boarding, we still like to continue with 'life' and do take your pup to the seaside, a day out at families homes, different parks or out to lunch at the pub if the weather is nice. 

What does my dog need to pack?

You are very welcome to bring your pups own suitcase full of goodies to make them feel as at home as possible. We recommend you bring your pup(s) own bed for the night, toy, a blanket and feeding bowls, short lead (not extendable), food, chews and treats. If you forgot anything, do not worry we have this covered. 

What if my dog is on medication?

If your pup is on medication we will ensure he/she sticks to their regular routine. 

What if my dog lives with another breed?

Very small dogs accepted (up to 6kg) if well behaved and you've read the 'Do & Dont's' page. 

Where will my dog sleep?

All dogs will sleep upstairs with the Directors unless they are trained to sleep downstairs. Your dog must be trained to sleep in their own bed or crate trained. 

What about food & Treats?

Please bring your pups own food to minimise any stomach upsets ….you might even recognise our very own girl from the Natural Instinct special diet box she was featured on in the below picture (packaging now changed). We all know how easily our dogs can gain weight so we only feed healthy treats as rewards throughout the time your pup is with usOur dogs are given Yak Milk chews as a healthier alternative and are supervised whilst chewing these. If you do not wish your dog to have these do let us know.