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What Can You Expect?

All dogs are vetted to make 100% sure they will fit in when your pup comes to stay.

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What will my dog be up to?

As all us dachshund owners know, our pups can be stubborn when it comes to bad weather, but every effort will be made to get them ickle legs moving. We try to go for a walk once a day depending on how many pups are here, the weather or pups with medical issues, its not always guaranteed but we play with our selection of toys, puzzles, ball pit and padding pool in the summer. We also do scatter feeding on different surfaces, licky mats, yak milk chews, natural chews and pup lick cups as a source of enrichment. We have the TV and radio on during the day to sooth anxiety away, cuddles are on offer 24/7 as well as comfy beds and warm blankets. Pups also like to nap a lot during a typical day and we offer comfy day beds and blankets for little dreams to take place on. Our volunteer carer, Uncle Stephen comes most days to help look after and care for the pups as well. 


As this is a unique home from home boarding, during times when we have less dogs, we still like to continue with 'life' and do take your pup to the seaside, a day out at families homes, different parks or out to lunch at the pub with your permission on our boarding agreement, as long as they are well behaved and have recovered from any IVDD/medical issues. Pawents are given 'pup-dates' daily throughout their stay and are provided with a 'review' of their pup for the trial stay, if you require a review after this we can provide on request.    

How many dogs do you take?

We are licensed to have 6 guests and our 2 Directors (Dolly & Millie Moo) as a max here at the hotel. 

What does my dog need to pack?

We ask that you bring your pup(s) own:

-bed or crate for the night


-something that smells of you to help your pup relax

-feeding bowl/measure cup

-harness for walking

-please bring your pups own food to minimise any stomach upsets, if they have special diets please bring their own speial treats or chews.


If you forget anything, do not worry we have this covered. 


We all know how easily our dogs can gain weight so we only feed healthy treats as rewards throughout the time your pup is with usOur dogs are also given Yak Milk chews or lambs horns as a healthier alternative and are supervised whilst chewing these. We also have healthy treats from our local supplier, Simba's Natural Treats. 

What if my dog lives with another breed?

We are happy to accept small dogs and mixed sausage dogs here alongside your sausage.

Where will my dog sleep?

All dogs will sleep upstairs with the Directors unless they are trained to sleep downstairs. 

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