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What Can You Expect?

All dogs are vetted to make 100% sure they will fit in when your pup comes to stay.

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What will my dog be up to?

As all us dachshund owners know, our pups can be stubborn when it comes to bad weather, but every effort will be made to get them ickle legs moving. We try to go for a walk once a day depending on how many pups are here its not guaranteed but we play with our selection of toys, puzzles, ball pit and padding pool in the summer. We also do scatter feeding on different surfaces, licky mats, yak milk chews, natural chews and pup lick cups as a source of enrichment. We have the TV and radio on during the day to sooth anxiety away, cuddles are on offer 24/7 as well as comfy beds and warm blankets. Pups also like to nap a lot during a typical day and we offer comfy day beds and blankets for little dreams to take place on.


We have a large vehicle fitted with secure RAC dog seatbelts, soft crates in the boot, RAC breakdown cover and full business insurance to take the pups different places. All the pups wear our Apple AirTag GPS trackers and our collar with ID tag when out of the hotel. On our walks during the week we have our volunteer dog walker, Stephen, who helps to walk the pups safely alongside myself and my husband, Simon, on the weekends.  We try to do walks daily during off peak season as long as its not too hot, too cold or wet and depending on medical/IVDD issues of your pup/pups we have boarding here. During peak times when we have up to our max amount of pups here, we do not go for walks for the safety aspect of handling and controlling a large pack. A walk is not guaranteed but they do get enough exercise following me around the house and garden! 


As this is a unique home from home boarding, during off peak times of year when we have less dogs, we still like to continue with 'life' and do take your pup to the seaside, a day out at families homes, different parks or out to lunch at the pub with your permission on our boarding agreement, as long as they are well behaved and have recovered from IVDD/medical issue is controlled. Pawents are given 'pup-dates' daily throughout their stay and provided with a 'review' of their pup for the first few holidays, if you require a review after this we can provide on request.    

How many dogs do you take?

We are licensed to have 6 guests and our 2 Directors (Dolly & Millie Moo) as a max here at the hotel, this is half the amount that most boarders generally take on and means your pup can have a more relaxing holiday. When we have our max amount we do not go on walks for safety reasons with a large pack.

What does my dog need to pack?

You are very welcome to bring your pups own suitcase full of goodies to make them feel as at home as possible. We recommend you bring your pup(s) own bed or crate for the night, toy, a blanket, feeding bowls, short lead, food, chews and treats. If you forget anything, do not worry we have this covered. 

What if my dog is on medication?

If your pup is on ANY prescribed or non prescribed medication, creams, sprays, shampoo etc we will ensure he/she sticks to their regular routine, this is an extra cost of £5 per day. If it is intermittent we will only charge for half of your holiday. The charge does not apply for giving supplements to food like salmon oil or youmove. 

What if my dog lives with another breed?

We are happy to accept small dogs and mixed sausage dogs here alongside your sausage.

Where will my dog sleep?

All dogs will sleep upstairs with the Directors unless they are trained to sleep downstairs. Your dog must be trained to sleep in their own bed or crate trained and you will need to provide their bed and/or crate with blankets and something that smells of you to help them relax at night. 

What about food & Treats?

Please bring your pups own food to minimise any stomach upsets ….you might even recognise our very own girl from the Natural Instinct special diet box she was featured on in the below picture (packaging now changed). We all know how easily our dogs can gain weight so we only feed healthy treats as rewards throughout the time your pup is with usOur dogs are given Yak Milk chews as a healthier alternative and are supervised whilst chewing these, we recommend you bring your own chew for your pup, please do not bring any rawhide. We also have healthy treats from our local supplier, Simba's Natural Treats (please see my page for details) We are aware that pups who come to the hotel may need to lose weight or perhaps gain weight, for this reason we have the option to weigh each pup on their first day, half way through their holiday and on their last day to make sure their weight remains consistent with their needs, this is an option on your boarding agreement.

What if my pup suffers an injury/Illness/IVDD espiode at the hotel?

Please read my IVDD page. We insist all of our client's sign our Vet Release Form which advises how you wish us to deal with your pup in the event of any injury/illness/IVDD. Should anything occur whilst you are away, you have the option of a one of fee off £100 (at the time of any event) if you wish us to deal with taking your pup to a vet or a referral hospital to cover the cost of having someone look after our other boarders, otherwise your emergency contact can collect at no cost. You can make your choice on your form. We cannot be held responsible for any injury/illness/death/IVDD episode unless deemend wholly negligent. Please read the T&C page. 

IVDD risks/Injury/Illness- -

Intervertebral Disc Disease is a gradual, age-related, degenerative process that affects the spinal cord of the dog over a period of time. IVDD occurs when the shock absorbing discs between your dog's vertebrae gradually begin to harden until they are no longer able to cushion the vertebrae normally. Whilst every possible care is taken to ensure your pup is well looked after here at the hotel, it is entirely possible that they could have an injury, illness or IVDD episode whilst they are here or when they return to you. Through no fault of anyone's, sadly the rupturing process can happen over a period of weeks or in a moment and this can be undetectable. A dog that appears healthy and happy one minute can suddenly present odd symptoms and signs of pain. This means you agree to take the risk of leaving your pup but understand the risks associated with IVDD. We recommend you research IVDD before agreeing to leave your pup and that you have insurance or savings that would cover any IVDD operation should you choose for your pup to have an operation.

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