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What Can You Expect?
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You will find a home from home experience where you can leave your fur-baby and they can enjoy a peaceful holiday or day as much as you enjoy yours. They have free run of our house, a gated driveway, full  CCTV and a secure garden. We are licensed to have only 6 dogs. We want your dog to be in a less stressful environment and have an enjoyable holiday. 

First Things First

Please read our Do's & Dont's page as this explains what we do and don't accept. We always recommend a meet and greet as the Directors, (aka Millie Moo & Dolly) like to know who is coming in to play. This is vital for both your pup(s), and you, to meet us and see where they will be having fun and being pampered, and to make sure all the dogs get along. If there are any signs of agression, excessive barking at one another, mounting behaviour, or if any of the dogs became uncomfortable towards one another, sadly we would have to terminate the meet and greet and they would not be able to stay. 


If all goes well, depending if you are boarding or day care, this is followed by a one-off day stay or overnight stay (no walk for overnight) to see how your pup(s) settles in.  We keep in touch throughout that day/evening and if your pup(s) does not settle or any dogs become uncomfortabe towards one another in any way, the evening or day would be terminated with no refund for the trial and we would ask you to collect your pup(s). If all is well following the overnight or day stay, then you are free to book them in for any holiday or day care going forward. 

What will my dog be up to?

Our hotel is for the pup that wants a bit of peace and quiet. Dependent on what your dog usually gets up to on a daily basis, we can offer up to two walks if the weather allows. As all us dog owners know, our pups can be stubborn when it comes to bad weather, but every effort will be made to get them ickle legs moving! If we can’t get out, we can play to our hearts content inside with our toys and puzzles. We also like to have the TV and radio on very low during the day to sooth any anxiety away and cuddles are on offer 24/7. 

What does my dog need to pack?

You are very welcome to bring your pups own suitcase full of goodies to make them feel as at home as possible. We recommend you bring your pup(s) own bed for the night, toy, a blanket and feeding bowls, lead, food and treats. If you forgot anything, do not worry we have this covered. 

What if my dog is on medication?

If your pup is on medication we will ensure he/she sticks to their regular routine. 

What if my dog lives with another breed?

All small dogs accepted if well behaved. 

Where will my dog sleep?

All dogs will sleep upstairs with the Directors unless they are trained to sleep downstairs. Your dog must be trained to sleep in their own bed or crate trained. 

What about food & Treats?

Please do bring your pups own food to minimise any stomach upsets ….you might even recognise our very own girl from the Natural Instinct special diet box she was featured on in the below picture (packaging now changed). We all know how easily our dogs can gain weight so we only feed healthy treats as rewards throughout the time your pup is with us.

Our dogs are given Yak Milk chews as a healthier alternative and are supervised whilst chewing these. If you do not wish your dog to have these do let us know. We also have healthy biscuits that we use to play games with. If your pup(s) is alergic to anything or has a sensitive stomach please advise us.