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Meet the Long Dog Hotel Team
Lucy Light
(aka Hoomum or Auntie Lucy to the guests)


Owner of The Long Dog Hotel but generally lets the Directors run things round here.

Author of 'A Road To Somewhere' -

Founder of Journeying Together-a support group for people suffering from infertility & childlessness

Millie Light
(aka Millie Moo) Director

Moo is 13 years old and is a four times IVDD survivor. Helps out with paperwork and making sure anyone who comes to the door is legit. Keeps any stray animals out of the back garden.

Tends to barks at anything! 

Dolly Light

(aka Dolly Wally)

Assistant Director

Dolly is an 9 year old rescue and is a very shy sweet girl. She is also an IVDD survivor. 

Helps Millie Moo out with paperwork and makes sure whoever stays is welcomed with lot of sniffs and licks.


Poppy Light 

(Rainbow Pup)


Poppy was our beautiful baby dog for 9 years. Sadly we had to make the decision to let her go over to rainbow bridge due to her terminal cancer diagnosis in 2019 she also suffered with IVDD. She will be forever missed and always in our hearts. Mummy & Daddy will love you forever sweetheart - until we meet again xx

Stephen Dyer

(aka Uncle Steve)

Volunteer Dog Carer

Stephen is retired and loves walking the dogs and spending time playing and looking after all the pups.


Simon Light

(aka Hoodad or Uncle Simon to the guests)

Volunteer Dog Carer 

Simon loves all the dogs as if they were his own. He is always about in the evenings and weekends for cuddles, play, feeding and walking all the pups.

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