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Just so you know… 😊

I just want to highlight the hard truth -dealing with the general public is emotionally hard work when running a business. We all run our own business the best way that suits us as individuals, we don’t run it to suit anyone else. As the customer, the choice is yours to choose to work around the business rules or choose another boarder. Treat people how you wish to be treated and respect how that person wishes to run their business as it’s not your business to run. I speak for all boarders when I say- Please just be kind to dog boarders life is too short for being nasty, we are all super busy and have rules for a reason which helps us work out our own personal lives around looking after your lovely pups. Thank you everyone 🐶 🙏🏻 #bekind #respectrules #businessishard #dogboardingbusiness #homefromhomedogboarding #respectus #bepolite #doesnttakemuch #supportsmallbusiness #ifyoudontlikeitleave

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