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Why do you do trials? Why do they cost a lot?

🐶 As a dog boarder and especially one who looks after medical/elderly/ivdd pups I have to be super careful which whom I take on so for me the trial process is more in depth to make 100% sure your dog will fit with my regulars who are appreciative of a quiet holiday

🐶 Trials are a one off fee and although I understand I am a higher than most boarders, I am extremely picky on whom I accept at the hotel due to not taking on overly boisterous behaviour.

🐶 Trials are more money as they are more in depth use of my time for myself to gain your pups trust which can take a long time especially when they are anxious or have ivdd and this may not be gained in one day, also to work out if your pup fits in with watching their behaviour constantly and hoping they settle at night also.

🐶 Trials are essential to let me and you know whether your pup fits in and also to ease your own anxiety before you go away on holiday. You can’t just chuck a pup into boarding and hope it all works out, think of your dogs anxiety and build up their confidence if they haven’t been to boarding before.

🐶 You are kept up to date with videos & pics throughout to let you know how your pup is doing, if there are any issues to address or whether we can accept your pup as a vip guest

We hope you can appreciate the time and attention that goes into doing a trial especially for a boarder who can only accept certain pups at the hotel. We really appreciate all who book with us and hope to see you back soon xx

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