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Don’t settle for less if you care about the welfare of your pup -get curious!

You wouldn’t employ a solicitor to do a plumbers job so it shouldn’t be any different when looking for a suitable boarder for your beloved dog…find the right one that fits your requirements and budget. Think about how you currently look after your own dog. Sometimes cheaper rates mean boarders get more dogs in but this could be at the cost of your dogs welfare so get curious on behalf of your dog, they are relying on you to get it right! Below are a few pointers to think about but not limited to

An idea of what to ask your boarder (what I’d want to know!) ....

  • Can I see your up to date license, insurance and first aid certificate

  • how many dogs are you licensed to have (will be on their license)

  • I want to see exactly where my pup will be hanging out during the day

  • I want to see exactly where my pup will sleep at night

  • What enrichment program do you have in place

  • Do I get dog updates daily (if they don’t what’s their process to keep you updated)

  • What are your emergency procedures

  • what will you do if my dog gets unwell/injured

  • I want to see the vehicle and safety fittings you have to transport my pup

  • What do you do in the event my pup displays any unwanted behaviour

  • How do you separate for feeding

  • What treats do you feed

  • I want my pup to have their own food (this is a given your pup may be allergic or experience an upset stomach changing over food)

  • Who is looking after my dog if you have to go out

  • My dog has ivdd/medical issues what type of dogs do u look after how do you care for medical ones (steps/flooring/sleeping arrangements etc)

What to look out for when looking for a boarder…

  • They should always show and tell you everything you want to know without evading questions. If they haven’t, ask yourself why?

  • Don’t take the boarders word for it over the phone they should have a meet and greet process for you to see everything

  • Don’t go to a boarder because they bend over backwards to accommodate you, ask yourself why they are doing that? Good boarders have procedures and processes in place to protect both parties and the dog’s welfare

  • If a home boarder is offering to pick up your dog because you’re far away, check what their process is with looking after the other dogs. Your own dog will be in this position when they leave to pick up their next dog

  • If a home boarder has more than 10 dogs make sure they have a house big enough. Did you know the license allows you to have the amount of dogs based on suitable rooms to separate dogs into? The amount of dogs allowed is stated on their license so ask them

  • Your boarder must ask you for updated vaccinations for each holiday-if they aren’t why not? Do you want to put your dog at risk like that?

The bottom line is it’s a red flag if someone is bending rules and regulations for you, if they are, they will be doing it for their other clients and putting your dog at risk. If you care for the welfare of your dog get nosy and curious!

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