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Emmi Pet Dental & Skin Care

I am so pleased to say that I am a trained and certified in the Emmi Pet Dental and Skin Care toothbrush use and can now offer this exclusive service to my boarding clients! 


I am extremely passionate about the health of a dog's teeth and oral hygiene. I didnt want to put my own dogs' through a scale and polish at the vet as they are just too old, its a lot of money and the risks are too high being under anaesthetic. I came across this amazing ultrasonic toothbrush system and it has given brilliant results for my pups so I wanted to provide this service to my own clients. If you want to find out more before booking anything please go to ABOUT emmi®-pet – The Dog Tooth Fairy® 

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning isnt suitable for all dogs, they may not allow me to carry out the treatment if they are too nervous or are not used to having their teeth cleaned. To find out if they will be suitable, I carry out the initial session before going ahead with any block booking. It is also only suitable for dogs with mild to moderate tartar build up, it can help heal gum disease, freshen breath and reduce tartar. Owners should be aware that removal of even mild tartar can reveal conditions that could not be seen prior to treatment that may need veterinary attention. Ultrasonic treatment is NOT a veterinary procedure, and we cannot diagnose any problems with your dog’s mouth and may recommend you visit your vet prior to commencing any ultrasonic treatment.


Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning

 -£30 initial session 1/2 hour inc brush head

For one week stay we recommend a block course of 5 sessions =£100

- £25 for each 1/2 hour follow up session after any block course

- £7 for a new brush head

-We recommend Orozyme Gel for inbetween to clean your pups teeth

Emmi Pet Skin Care


This ultrasonic system is ideal for the daily care of wounds, skin and fur of your pup, regular sonication of the affected area also reduces pain & inflammation in the long term.

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