You will need to advise us if you are shielding or suspected of having Coronavirus. We will require the health status of each household before agreeing to care for your dog. 

When receiving a pet from the owner where the status of the household is healthy

A time will need to be agreed for drop off and pick up to avoid you coming into contact with any other clients.

I will wash my hands for 20 seconds using soap and water or use hand sanitiser before receiving your pet. Please limit handling of anything else, such as your phone and your face, during any time of contact.

Where handover occurs within the premises, face masks should be worn at the point of transfer and all doors will be opened for you.  Please come along with your own facemasks otherwise 

handovers will take place outside on the secure driveway/garden.  

The dog should not be handed over with as little of their own equipment, where possible we will use our own equipment to avoid any contamination. If this is not possible, the equipment should be washed with soap and water once away from the animal and safe to do so. The reverse should be done when returning the animal.

All dogs will be walked on a lead in public spaces to avoid other pets and people touching them in case the virus is on their fur.